❝ —— no i didn’t.

         ”You’re not sure it
          was dropped by 

Sep 22 4:25 ( 2 )


         ”Uhm——excuse me!
          I think you dropped

Sep 22 4:15 ( 2 )

s t a t u s ;; — offline.
d r a f t s ;; — two. 
want a s t a r t e r ? ;; — like this post for one. ( mutuals only. )

Jun 11 4:41 ( 3 )



   There’s blood trailing down his cheek. A soft line of red beginning on the right side of his temple, one he tries to hide as he struggles to stay out of sight, walking wordlessly— aimlessly.

                       it’s not like she doesn’t notice the boy, in fact he rather stands out with the way that he’s making an attempt to h i d e his wounds—when they could simply be healed with a simple cure spell, though maybe he doesn’t know who to trust, and that’s exactly why she runs over to help.

            ❝ —are you okay?❞

Jun 11 4:31 ( 1 )
Jun 11 4:25 ( 363 )



                    ’ the same way any other person
                      would get up here? jumping up?


            ❝ —well, since i’m already here
                      would you like some company?❞

Jun 11 4:06 ( 9 )



      He’s just found some peace and quiet, an alcove naturally cut within the shore’s cliffside rocks, but little pinkettes with enough for them both just can’t seem to leave him be. 

             ❝ —Get that bloody camera out of my face before I toss it for you

                       though she was only trying to make the man feel comfortable in the seaside town she lived in, perhaps that wasn’t the correct way to introduce herself to a tourist.

            ❝ sorry, i guess you’re a little camera shy, huh?❞

Jun 11 4:01 ( 3 )

                       she’s got a camera, pointing it in the direction of the other.

            ❝ —smile!! 

Jun 11 3:19 ( 3 )


          “It’s no problem, really.
              Little or not it would
              get you to bed sooner.
                              Or am I wrong?”


            ❝ well, i’m not going to say no
                 to some help. do you think
                 you can handle some
                 paperwork? ❞

Jun 10 4:02 ( 7 )


          “Perhaps I could help you?”


            ❝ are you sure? it’s only a little
                 bit more that i need to do… ❞

Jun 10 3:53 ( 7 )